Volunteering with the Arts Alliance 

What Our Volunteers Do

Our wonderful volunteers are individuals and groups that support the alliance through time and man-power. As a non-profit organization, people like you are what truly drive our organization. Volunteers  support the Arts Alliance  through assistance in staffing events, through donations that allow us to hold events, and through contribution of ideas and brainstorming in what we should do next and how we improve.

How You Can Help

To assist the Arts Alliance there are multiple ways in which you can help. First, we are always needing volunteers for our events. This includes staffing and volunteering for events such as the Arts tent at the Farmer's Markets, Music in the Park, and teaching art-related classes. In terms of other forms for volunteering, your ideas and feedback are also always helpful to our organization! If you have a vision or thought that you would like to share with us, please click the link and share with us

Want to Help But Don't Have Time?

If you do not have time to volunteer time but still want to help, please donate. Donations are what allows our organization to successfully run and it is thanks to our donors that we can efficiently promote and encourage the arts in Shelby County. Even the smallest of amounts go a long way! 

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